How to create “NO DOWNTIME WiFi” network at your coworking space?

Hi, Can you fix my internet please?

My system is not connecting to the wifi?

Again, the internet has become slow?!

could you please fix it. it’s really irritating. 

As, I understood, that’s how it all starts and continues, if you’re running a coworking space with upto 100 members at a center and you don’t have a networking engineer all the time to fix all the internet and wifi hassles. 

Things are not easy and never was. But, when you’re offering a service for which users are paying then you have to make sure that the Internet works smoothly. Else, it spoils the reputation of your centre. 

You have managed all the facilities and devices to make sure that the internet works smoothly but still the problem continues. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) says that we can only provide internet line to your center “internal is your stuff”. You have got your Modem, External Wifi Router, Wifi Extenders and what not but still things are not running smoothly. 

What you can do now? You might have google about this but solution is not available as they are only selling routers. 

We observed this problem among our client and we have figured out a recommended list of devices to manage no. of wifi users and internet line failover. 

List of Router for Coworking Spaces: 

1. Wifi Routers

There are plenty of small and big router available in the market and online stores ranging from $10 to $10,000 but which one suits your requirement is the ultimate question. You can go for the following WiFi routers also known as Access Points (APs) to connect upto 200 devices. 

2. Internet Failover Devices 

Well, this is of course the most important devices for your space as these devices smartly manages multiple internet lines and provides the balanced speed to your WiFi routers. Just to remind you, these devices do not provide direct Internet to end users but they play the backup guy role in ethernet connections. 

3. ADSL Modems (Broadband)

Well, It depends on which type of internet are you using. Is it Broadband or Fiber Optic (Leased Line). ADSL modems are good enough to provide your internet until unless the no of connections is not more than 10 devices. If the list goes up then avoid giving direct connection to end users of ADSL modems. You can go for any model provided by your ISP. There’s not really a list of recommended modems. 

How the combination works?

Step 1:  Get 2 normal internet connections from two ISPs to your center. Either Fiber Optic or Broadband depends on your budget and demand of the speed. 

Step 2: Order Internet Failover Device and WiFi Routers as per the above recommended list. 

Step 3:  Connect both internet connection via ethernet WAN to WAN router to manage internet fail overs. You simply google it if you don’t how to setup WAN router based on its modal and company. Plenty of tutorials are available on YouTube. 

Step 4: Now the final step, take a LAN connection to WiFi devices (Access Point) and get the setup done. 

Now you setup is done, and the above combination will easy manage if one internet line is down then the WAN router will still be providing internet to WiFi router. 

How to test WiFi in your Coworking Space?

Sometimes, only devices/ equipments cannot make sure that the WiFi must be accessible in every corner of your space. You need to go and check it up by going to every corner and take a test speed run on online services like and 

Well, you can consider Radio Frequency (RF) reflective and absorbing obstructions include the following:

Type of BarrierInterference Potential
Synthetic materialLow
Bulletproof glassHigh
MetalVery high

You can also refer for more Potential Sources of WiFi by Apple 

We’d love to hear if that works for you to solve the WiFi problem in your coworking center. Please feel to drop any questions in the comments section below. 

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