Meeting Room Booking Software For Coworking Space

Coworking space has become a hype and with that comes the responsibility to carry out the activities involved with it. Won’t it be a great deal if there was a software helping you with this? It will surely be an add-on to the amenities and services you may provide and of great help to the owners of the coworking space.

A smart technology provides effective management and planning to a company for organizing their meetings according to the availability. 

The important factor here is that the app should be such that it can be trusted and depended on. As you may know, the data on this app is important.

So people generally search for a coworking space which provides a meeting room. Customers need a place to work along with space where they can conduct their seminars and meetings. So for this purpose meeting rooms are in high demand.

The days are gone where their use to be reserved sign on the room so as to indicate that the meeting room is not available. Now with the emerging software, look for a software that incorporated a professional digital display which provides all the information required. 


  • Real-time synchronisation

The conference room scheduling display is updated in real time and provides all users to access the current information thereby avoiding any double booking and scheduling conflicts.

  • Email configuration

Meeting room booking software is also configured automatically to send email reminders regarding any booking. It has functions that can be programmed to automatically release the meeting room in case nobody turns up.

  • Integrate ERP system

The meeting room booking system office software is integrated with the ERP system. The company’s ERP system allows completing the order to invoice the process for both internal and external service providers.

  • Customisation tools

The Conference room scheduling software or Meeting room booking software comes with customization tools. It is equipped with a built-in tool that allows adapting the system to your business processes.

For instance, users should be able to order catering and other services without leaving the meeting room management system.

  • Scalability

In case you coworking space has multiple locations, the meeting room booking software enables you to scale according to the location and handles the booking across different time zones.

Why use a meeting room booking software?

After learning about the features you’re probably wondering what might be the benefits a coworking space can get. Well, there is a reason that more and more people are turning towards technology to enable their online bookings every day.

Here are some of the benefits of using online meeting room booking software:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency- Since now the work is done through an app it gets easy to focus more towards the customers.
  • Accessibility- The meeting room software provides easy access to customers without filling in forms or sitting on hold. They can do the booking online or self serve.
  • Payment security- Ensure safe and instant payment option without any bad debt exposure.
  • Booking 24/7- The booking can be done anytime, any day and from anywhere with the help of meeting or conference booking software. This improves the customers experience thereby serving the motive. It’s like a one-stop shop.
  • Maximize space occupancy- The meeting room software allows to check the availability in real time and avoid all types of conflicts for the availability. Enables mobile workers to book and manage reservations on the go from their own smartphone.
  • Easy to handle- The booking is made effortless for the customers and also reducing the time to train the staff by using these apps. The booking calendar lets you book for a meeting room really easy and quick. You can change the type of booking, add catering requirements, resources and visitors with a few simple clicks.
  • Handle all changes and cancellations automatically: The meeting room software handles the changes or cancellation automatically. This means the customers and the service providers are notified immediately without having to adjust their schedules.

Get a single view on the availability, cost and usage of all reservable spaces.

Working in a modern workspace it is important to be compatible with the various devices. Just in case there is a meeting that is supposed to be held at any time during the day, the conference room scheduling software enables you to book it from the smartphone.

The employee gets access to the availability status of the meeting rooms along with the hours it can be provided. Regardless of location or the device being used, your software solution should provide for a quick booking.

Along with providing the employees with an easy to use conference room scheduling software, the software also provides with insights on how to use your meeting room space more effectively.

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