Automate your Space with an All-in-One Coworking Software Platform

Our platform includes tools to help space owners better manage resources, promote their space and grow their community. Whether you’re a shared office, coworking space, or a multi-location hub, Piston can meet your needs.

Booking & Billing

Fully automated invoicing and online payments. Based on your plans and members information, we generate monthly invoices automatically for your coworking space members. You can accept payments online from your members. You can specify a prefix for invoices of particular spaces which will be added to all invoices of that space.

Documents Storage on Cloud

Your customer share all the required documents with your space but it is really hard to save them securely. Generally it gets missed in folders of computers and never found on time whenever required. nnPiston, help you to upload all the documents of your customers to save with their profile and you can find them just in time.

Mail Manager

The Mail Manager is to manage the details of Courier,Email Notification,Payment,Delivery,Customer. The application program reduces the manual work for managing the Courier, Email Notification, Bill, Payment. It tracks all the details about the Payment,Delivery,Customer.

Visitors by Piston

Visitors by Piston is our official app which can be installed in any tablet. You can simply put the tablet as kiosk on your receipt and it gives your digital records of people visiting your coworking while increasing the reputation of your space a bit too.


The system let's the member access the space for as many days as you like with a fingerprint access. Simplify check-ins with one tap, your members are set for a full day of work.nn

Visitor Management

Eliminate paper visitor logs while easily keeping track of who is visiting your office and when they are checking in. Visitor Management also remembers everyone who checks in so returning visitors doesn't have to fill in all of their information every time they visit.